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Difference in colonial motivation, religious, political structures, socio-economic, and race relation, were responsible for molding the territories. Having fled England because of religious persecution, the Puritans placed a greater emphasis on religion.

On the other hand, the Chesapeake region consisted of Protestants who followed the Church of England. And he reflected it in the way that their colony was governed. As a result of this England went through much trouble in constantly trying to regain full control of the colonies.

New Englanders enjoyed a much higher standard of living. They had evolved so differently, mainly because of the way that the settlers followed their religion, their way of conducting politics and demographics in the colonies.

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New England was colonized for Freedom of Worship and freedom of political thought. Emigrants that were in the North focused less on gold seeking and more on family management and trade management.

Dbq New England Vs. Samuel de Champlain colonized along the St. The inception of the Puritans branch back to Marian exiles after the dethroning of Elizabeth I of England in they migrated to New England inbringing stern religious and educational footholds to the New World.

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But as the colonies developed, they began to have an ever-growing sense of independence that was a threat to its English rulers.

Chesapeake Bay

Why did this difference in development occur. Aspirations such as these hold the initial sentence in the statement: New Englanders got along well with Indians and other countries as their religion asserted.

Therefore, the differences socially, politically and economically in the two regions caused the divergence. A majority of these immigrants came from England. As a result of the Puritans fleeing religious persecution, New England developed into a very strict Puritan society.

Women have always played a major role in history and the economics of the colonial period is no different. American Colonies shows a close relationship between climate, the state of the economy, and the development of slavery.

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Ireland is a beautiful country in Europe, about the size of Maine. The varying climate within the Americas proved to have an enormous impact on the source of revenue a colony would rely on to support its economy and this choice of trade would then quickly affect the need for slaves or lack thereof.

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First, the Southern Colonies were formed by aristocratic Europeans who came to the New World in search of land. Chesapeake While both the people of the New England region and of the Chesapeake region descended from the same English origin, by both regions had traveled in two diverse directions.

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The Chesapeake region developed into a land of plantations and money-driven owners, with the elite wealthy, almost no middle class, and those in poverty creating the population. These two regions were known as the Chesapeake and the New England areas.

Some desired freedom from religious persecution, others wanted a chance to be free from the poverty that ensnared them in England Thus the American colonies were formed. In while Governor Winthrop was aboard the Arbella he writes that the community needs to uphold a fellowship together.

Different types of economies also resulted in different family and social life between the two regions. Following this discovery, Spain —along with other European nations such as France, England, Sweden and the Netherlands— soon began the expedition to the new land with vast expectations.

During colonization, two regions were formed, New England and the Chesapeake Bay area. Yet, way before that would occur; these two areas developed into two distinct societies.

Chesapeake, the population consisted of young males who sought to make a living. According to records of ship’s list of emigrants bound for Virginia, most of the people were young males between the ages of eighteen and forty.

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Document C) Most of the people in he region were merchants who came from England looking got [ ]. New England vs. Chesapeake While both the people of the New England region and of the Chesapeake region descended from the same English origin, by.

Document Based Question Writing Assignment Cora Greer. The College Board: Connecting Students to College Success DBQ Writing Assignment Cora Greer University of Maine at Machias Machias, Maine The College Board Although New England and the Chesapeake region were both.

The New England Colonies Dbq. Rachel Newman AP U.S. History English Colonies DBQ The “New World” beckoned to many of the European people. The sixteenth century was a tumultuous time for people of all /dbq-although-new-england-and-chesapeake/0.

· Land use is the first variation that existed between Chesapeake and New England. It is important to note that the New England had interests in terms of land use that was basically distinct from Although New england and the Chesapeake regions were both settled by the same group of people they both developed distinct societies.

This distinction could be the result of many things. difference of idea's in land distribution, difference in settlers or difference in the type of economy that came with the

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